Guy Callari

Influences: Clapton, Hendrix, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, and many others from blues rock to fusion.

Happy with any guitar in hand but biggest fan of the Fender sound and feel. Involved with the tri state band scene as well as corporate bands having played venues from Vermont to Florida.

Motorcycle fanatic, enjoys long walks on the beach, playful banter, and no head games. ūüėČ



Mark Damia

Instruments — Hammond XK3, Roland Juno Stage, Korg Triton, Kurzweil Micro Ensemble.

Influences — Keith Emerson, Bill Evans, Nicky Hopkins, Billy Joel, Elton John, Russell Ferrante.

Most Notable Gig — Opening the Garden State Arts center.

Most recently with Nth Degree, Orange County fusion band.

Ski bum, gardener.



Dana Drevitson

Has played Drums & Percussion for 40 years (Yikes!) and still has his hearing. Started in the cold garages of New Hampshire then moved onto University of Miami where he was part of the Music School & the music scene- having the Dixie Dregs as a local bar house band and Lynyrd Skynyrd as his neighbors. Most Recently been playing the Fusion/ Jam scene in NY with Bad Hat.

His Styles are reminiscent of Simon Phillips and Stewart Copeland and digs all styles of music (cept Opera – no drums man!).



Gary Grzybek

Instruments – MusicMan Sterling and Yamaha 4 string basses.

Amplification РMarkbass LM2 and Ampeg PF 500 heads. Aguilar GS112 and Trace Elliot 1513 cabinets.

Influences – John Paul Jones, Tony Levin, Geddy Lee, James Jamerson, Dennis Dunaway.

Gary started off like so many other musicians playing cover songs in his high school band. Eventually he began taking an interest in original music and over the years joined several bands where he collaborated in writing, recording and performing. Most notable gig was opening up for Joan Osborne.

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